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Pilates classes and rates

Each classe will combine mat and machine work.

On the mat you work with the help of gravity and against gravity. You mainly work with your own body weight. We can focus on a specific muscle or on a group of muscles, depending on the complexity of the movement pattern and changing position during the exercise. With the machine work we can challenge further a specific muscle or group of muscles. Each exercise offers a wide range of difficulties. Each exercise can be broken down into muscles that stabilize the movement and into muscles that produce the movement.

With Pilates we work on the posture. We use mat and machine work to help you strengthen muscles, big or small, that you need to support the overall structure of your body.

Our studio is fully equipped with ‘BASI systems’ Reformers, Cadillac, Wunda Chairs, Arm Chair Barrel, Saddle and other equipments to deliver the best program fully adapted to your needs.

Each class is of 55 minutes, by appointment only.


There is a once for all subscription fee of EUR 45 to BODYFIT PILATES. You will get a class for free and you will have access to our special offers.


Solo classes are for newcomers and regular practitioners. They are great for any one. They are even more for you if have injuries or physical limitations or if you are pregnant.

EUR 75 per session
‘à la carte’

EUR 60 per session
Package ‘Discovery’ of 5 classes over 2 months (total of EUR 300 EUR)

EUR 55 per session
Package ‘Passion’ of 10 classes over 2 months (total of EUR 550 EUR)


Duo classes are great for two friends or partners who want to work out together, at a less expensive rate. BODYFIT PILATES can also propose to pair you up with another client.

EUR 50 per person and per session
Package ‘Discovery’ of 5 classes over 2 months (total of EUR 250 EUR)

EUR 45 per person and per session
Package ‘Passion’ of 10 classes over 2 months (total of EUR 450 EUR)


‘Trio and more’ classes have 3 to 5 people. Clients can experience all equipments in the studio, at our best rate.

EUR 40 per person and per session
Package ‘Discovery’ of 5 classes over 2 months (total of EUR 200 EUR)

EUR 37,50 per person and per session
Package ‘Passion’ of 10 classes over 2 months (total of EUR 375 EUR)



  • All bookings must be paid for in advance.

  • Any request for course cancellation must be made by using the cancellation function in your booking confirmation, by email to or by phone 04 73 37 84 39, no later than 24 hours before the course start. If this is not the case, the course will be charged.

  • Packages are not refundable except in cases of medical opinion advising against the practice of Pilates.

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    About Pilates

    "If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young. "

    Joseph Pilates

    Joseph Pilates was born near Düsseldorf, Germany in 1883. In 1926 Joseph and his wife Clara set up the first Pilates studio in New York City, USA.
    During his career Joseph developped more than 600 exercices for the various pieces of apparatus he invented. His guiding philosophy was that with the apparatus the whole body must be exercised to achieve good health. Pilates equipment is designed to condition the entire body using positions and movements which ultimately correct body alignment and balance.

    (Study Guide for Comprehensive Course, Body Arts and Science International, BASI – Rael Isacowitz, Founder BASI Pilates)

    About Me

    My name is Sandra, Eileen Larose. I am a mother of 5 kids. I love sport and I practiced long distance running, tennis, aerobic, zumba, boxing and yoga.

    I was first introduced to Pilates exercise 10 years ago. I practiced it twice a week and felt rapidly the benefit of such exercises for my body and mind.

    I have lived in various countries. When I moved to South Africa I decided to go further in Pilates and I followed courses to become a certified comprehensive BASI( Pilates instructor. My mentor was BASI chief faculty for South Africa, Ms Theo Van der Riet and benefited also from trainings by Ashley Richie, Tash Barnard and Ed Botha.

    Pilates is a real passion which I want to share with people to help them to better know their body and to strengthen it for fitness and wellness.

    Yours BodyfitPilates'ly,
    Eileen Larose



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